Our ambition is to offer a full range of safe and sustainable solutions, driving the global transition to a net-zero carbon economy. 

Our Natural Chemistry reflects not only our products based on natural renewable raw materials, but also the chemistry we have with our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Shaping our CSR vision, our continuously improving CSR roadmap is based on 3 commitments:

Recognition of our sustainability performance

Each year our sustainability ratings are raising. Since 2023 we have achieved an EcoVadis gold medal representing top 2% of assessed companies. Ratings on our palm activities are increasing year after year, reflecting the progress we make with our palm policy. Our efforts in terms of energy reduction are visible in a raising CDP score.

Allow us to say that we can look back on a CSR journey with clear action plans in order to reduce negative impacts and to even have positive impacts.

Given our activities, in particular our responsible sourcing approach, our innovative solutions, the continuous efforts put in the reduction of energy consumption at our production plants, and our stakeholder engagement, we contribute to this four United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals:

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Six commitments supporting our purpose.

Oleon's non-animal testing statement

Oleon has made a statement on non-animal testing.

Oleon's Modern Slavery Statement

Oleon has made a statement on Modern Slavery.

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