This purpose was created because the world has changed and now more than ever, companies have a role to play in the face of the climate emergency, demographic growth, due to the pressure it puts on our planet's resources, food sovereignty, etc. These challenges entail changing our food habits, agricultural practices and energy choices. And throughout the world, society expects companies to make a commitment to taking up these challenges.

To define our purpose, we looked back at Avril's founding act. "Serving" means contributing to the common good: supporting and developing the sectors and regions, processing raw materials to put nature on our plates and promote renewable energy and chemistry, and taking care of the Earth, which gives and sustains life. Serving the Earth means contributing to creating a healthier food, energy and agricultural future for people and the planet.

We have made six ambitious commitments that support our purpose. They will have to provide a response to the challenges facing the Earth, which are central to our business lines and to the transitions on which we work every day.

1. Taking action for agriculture that respects the planet

Because we believe in a form of agriculture that feeds people while respecting the planet, we are committed to being the link with producers that allows for dialogue and builds solutions, for healthy food and fair pay for farmers' work.

2. Taking action to protect natural resources and biodiversity

Because we will continue to import agricultural raw materials that cannot be produced locally and come from countries at risk of deforestation or conversion of endangered ecosystems, we are committed to ensuring that 100% of our palm and soya supplies come from sustainable agriculture by 2030.

3. Taking action to develop local sectors

Because we care about keeping our regions dynamic, we are committed to speeding up the development of the local supply chains in all our fields of activity, from 2025 for 100% of our edible oils when the raw materials exist locally.

4. Taking action for our investments' impact

Because we want to have a positive impact on the regions and the environment, we are committed to ensuring that by 2030, 100% of our investments, whether industrial or financial, are based on economic, environmental, and social criteria.

5. Taking action for the Climate

Because we support the United Nations' objective of limiting global warming to 2°C – which is part of the Paris Agreements – we are committed to reducing all our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 (vs reference year 2019).

6. Taking action for a collective and inclusive project

Because we believe in the strength of the collective, which is the origin of our model and our governance, we are committed to maintaining a constant and challenging dialogue with all our stakeholders.

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