Landscape project in Indonesia

In 2017, Earthworm Foundation launched the Landscape project in Indonesia. The Landscape project is located in Sumatra where the last rainforest housing endangered animal species such as the elephant, orangutan, rhinoceros and tiger is located. The project focuses on three topics:

1. Integrated spatial planning and land use: help to build the capacity of the local government to conduct spatial planning and district development processes that are inclusive and driven by data. 

2. NDPE socialization and training: help building understanding among mills and plantations about the business case for sustainability and good social and labor practices. Through an intensive series of workshops and training, the project socializes the concept of NDPE (No Deforestation, Peat, Exploitation), guide companies through a self-assessment process of their own operations using tracking tools, and build their capacity to close gaps in order to protect forests and respect both workers and communities. 

3. Supporting communities to develop sustainable livelihoods: help villages map and define their land use in accordance with their own aspirations. This is designed to help villagers build sustainable sources of income that, when combined with land use plans and education, can alleviate pressures on the forest. 

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