A shared chemistry

At Oleon, we believe that a natural chemistry entails much more than the production of our green chemicals. We aim to create ‘a natural chemistry’ with all the people that matter to us.

Ensure a safe diverse and inclusive work environment

We want our employees to be safe at Oleon. That is why our first priority is always safety. Together with Avril, the Group to which Oleon belongs, we are continuously building our safety culture with strong targets and action plans.

We also want our employees to feel safe at Oleon. We strive towards a work environment where everyone belongs and contributes to a sustainable future for the company, our employees and ultimately the planet.

Our targets
    • Strive towards 0 accidents
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (DEI) roadmap; kicking off from 2023

Support our suppliers in their sustainability journey

At Oleon we built long-term relationships with our partners. All our suppliers need to be aligned with our Supplier Code of Conduct, meet various sustainability criteria, and yearly improve their CSR performance when needed. That is why we actively coach and support our suppliers to improve their overall CSR performance, assessed by our CSR rating partner EcoVadis. 

Our targets
    • 80% of suppliers EcoVadis assessed by 2026
    • 75% of EcoVadis assessed suppliers to achieve a silver medal or higher by 2026

Support local communities

Our employees are encouraged to voluntarily participate for one working day in a project for the benefit of the environment or underprivileged people. This offer is very enthusiastically received by our colleagues. People feel really connected with nature and each other.


Oleon's non-animal testing statement

Oleon has made a statement on non-animal testing.

Oleon's Modern Slavery Statement

Oleon has made a statement on Modern Slavery.

Our commitments to protect natural resources and biodiversity

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