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In 1835, Oleon started its oleochemical activity in the candle industry. Candles traditionally were made of natural oils and waxes. Oleon continued to respect this old tradition and has developed specialized stearic acids for several modern candle applications. As replacement for paraffin, stearic acid has become the green alternative in the candle industry.

Oleon's production facilities use the most modern technology and operate following the most recent environmental requirements. This allows our candle customers to apply for the environmental SWAN-eco label. Oleon's natural stearic acids comply with the RAL candle-standards.

Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radiacid 0437
Tallow based stearic acid Saturated C16/C18 fatty acids Titer 57°C
Radiacid 0460
Vegetable palm stearic acid Saturated C16/C18 fatty acids Titer 55°C