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Keeping in mind a typical lubricating grease is comprised of more than 80% base fluid, Radialube® base stocks make an important contribution to improved cold flow properties, lower volatility, good thermal stability, low noise level, good air and water separability and biodegradability characteristics when compared to mineral base oils. We can offer you ester based fluids covering the complete viscosity range, both unsaturated and saturated, in order to achieve a finely balanced end product.
Carefully selecting one of our Radialube® base stocks ensures that you can develop lubricating greases with both good technical performance and a low environmental impact. In addition to this there is a clear trend towards the use of friction modifiers and anti-wear additives in greases, particularly in applications where the reduction of friction is an important consideration like in the automotive industry. Oleon has a variety of esters that fulfill both needs.
Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radia 7204
Unsaturated Propylene Glycol Dioleate Liquid
Radialube 7309
Unsaturated Neo-Pentylglycol Dioleate Liquid
Radialube 7358
Semi-saturated TMP ester Liquid KV@40°C:39 cSt Pour Point: < 10°C...
Radialube 7359
Semi-saturated TMP ester Liquid KV@40°C: 35 cSt Pour Point: < 5°C...
Radialube 7364
Pour Point: < -39 TMP Trioleate Liquid
Radialube 7383
Unsaturated TMP ester of monomer fatty acids Liquid
Radialube 7384
Saturated TMP Triisostearate Liquid
Radialube 7561
Pour Point: < -25°C TMP Trioleate Liquid
Radialube 7685
Pour Point: < 10°C TMP Trioleate Liquid