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Hydraulic Fluids
Oleon offers a range of very stable polyol ester based hydraulics that helps you cope with ever increasing working temperatures and pressures in hydraulic systems. The rising demand for high performance biodegradable oils has boosted the use of this hindered polyol esters. In every hydraulic circuit a filter is present to protect the equipment, this filter can be blocked by impurities leading to significant power losses. Oleon's hydraulics range is characterized by a good filterability and helps prevent blocking of the filter by the hydraulic base oil. In addition Oleon's hydraulic fluids have a good compatibility with the elastomer seals of the system. Due to their wide operating temperature our products can be used in very different climates, ranging from excavating machines in the dessert to snow scooters in Alaska. We developed different ranges of products...
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Our high quality range of Radialube® hydraulic ester base oils is compliant with the Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34, DIN 51524-2 and ISO 15380. This range consists of both unsaturated and saturated products, with viscosities going from an ISO VG15 up to ISO VG 68. Oleon can provide the required biodegradability and toxicity data over its full range of products in order to obtain the Ecolabel on your end-formulation with ease.

Our product range is fully complying on the requested key specifications like:

  • Demulsibility (ASTM D1401): max. 30 minutes
  • Air-release (ASTM D3427): ISO VG 32 max. 7 minutes / ISO VG 46/68 max. 10 minutes
  • Oxidation stability (Dry TOST, modified ASTM D943): unsat. min. 300 hrs and sat. min. 1000 hrs
  • Pour point (ASTM D97): < -39°C

Our line of unsaturated and saturated thickeners. These are high viscosity products up to ISO VG 5000. They are used as thickeners in industrial and metalworking fluids and as base oils in synthetic greases. Most Radialube® thickeners comply with the European Ecolabel. Oleon has a full range of high quality saturated thickeners which present improved properties compared to standard saturated thickeners: higher oxydation, hydrolytic and corrosion stability; anti-wear and demulsibility properties. Thanks to their global registration profile, they are the ideal additives and base oils for globally registered lubricant formulations.

Radialube® FL, our range of NSF registered base oils. These food compatible, saturated and unsaturated base stocks (ISO VG 15 – ISO VG 68) comply with requirements under HX-1 designations of NSF and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for incidental food contact. They are recommended as ingredients for lubricants in food producing, food packaging and drink filling installations. These esters are also appropriate base fluids for formulating NSF compressor fluids.
The formulation of lubricants like compressor fluids from high performance esters is becoming more and more important.

In addition to this we have developed an ISO VG 46 and an ISO VG 68 ester with extremely high flash and fire points. Our range of Radialube® FM esters are suitable candidates for the formulation of factory mutual fluids. Their outstanding filterability, wear resistance, shear stability, low volatility, low pour points and high flash points make them excellent base stocks for “fire resistant” hydraulic fluids.

Hydrolytic stability is often a very important requirement as contact with water is sometimes difficult to avoid. Therefore we have developed a range of biodegradable hydrolytic stable esters, Oleon’s Radialube® HS range. These esters offer an extreme hydrolytic stability. 

Product Name Description Chemical Name Remarks
Radialube 7300
Saturated Saturated ISO VG 15 Liquid
Radialube 7361
Unsaturated ISO VG 46 Trimethylolpropane trioleate Liquid
Radialube 7362
Unsaturated ISO VG 46 Trimethylolpropane trioleate Liquid
Radialube 7365
Unsaturated ISO VG 68 Trimethylolpropane trioleate Liquid
Radialube 7368
Saturated Trimethylolpropane tricaprylate/caprate Liquid
Radialube 7376
Unsaturated Unsaturated ISO VG 15 Liquid
Radialube 7377
Unsaturated Unsaturated ISO VG 32 Liquid
Radialube 7378
Saturated Saturated ISO VG 32 Liquid
Radialube 7557
Unsaturated ISO VG 46 Trimethylolpropane trioleate Flash Point: > 328°C
Radialube 7558
Unsaturated Unsaturated ISO VG 68 Liquid