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Our Commitment


We are and want to stay the leading oleochemical company in our market segments within Europe. Care for the environment during the full lifecycle of our products and the long-term needs of our employees, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders are prerequisites for achieving our goals. 

We already have a long history of reducing our impact on the environment, such as increasing the energy efficiency of our production plants, which has been one of our key priorities for more than 15 years. Also, Oleon has long been at the forefront of providing long-term employment and safe working conditions.

The three sustainability principles, financial viability, environmental impact and social impact are translated in this report under the chapters “Green Chemistry”, “Preserving the Planet” and “Working Together” respectively. 


For more information please refer to the Oleon Sustainability Report 2016. 


  • Use and reuse as much as possible renewable and sustainable grown raw materials.
  • Serve our customers with the most environmentally-friendly, lowest CO2-generating products, meeting the highest performance standards.
  • Constantly reduce the environmental impact of our production processes by energy efficiency measures, waste gas emission reductions, applying the best available waste water treatment and limiting any other environmental nuisance such as odour, noise,and others.
  • Assure the long term financial viability of the company by optimizing industrial performance of our assets and focusing on innovation to develop better products for our customers.
  • Create a safe, healthy and motivating working environment for its employees, value and respect their competences and provide opportunities to develop themselves.
  • Work together with local initiatives, schools and universities but also our suppliers and customers in order to promote and safeguard the further development of a bio-based sustainable economy.
  • Act in an ethical way with respect to all legislations and rules in all domains of business.