A natural chemistry

Natural raw materials are the heart of our business. Over 95% of our raw materials are renewable. Next to this, we continuously search of greener alternatives for the 5% raw materials with functionalities that currently can only be provided form (partially) non-renewable sources.

Our targets
    • 100% of palm and soybean oil supply to be free from deforestation by 2025, in line with the EU Deforestation Regulation requirements (EUDR, EU Regulation n°2023/1115).
    • Reduce the impact of other raw materials by e.g. best agricultural practices.

Oleon's Sustainable soy and palm sourcing Policy

When taking into account climate change and the scarcity of our planet's resources, sustainable palm and soy are excellent raw materials. E.g., palm has a very high crop yield compared to all other oilseed crops. However, palm and soy-based raw materials potentially have negative impacts on ecosystems and humans. That is why we manage our raw material choices according to best practices and uphold the highest sustainability standards. In collaboration with our shareholder Avril and the non-profit organization Earthworm Foundation, we developed a dedicated Sustainable soy and palm sourcing Policy


Our ambition is to use palm-based raw materials originating from areas where forests and peatlands are not destroyed, and where the rights of local farmers and communities are respected according to the NDPE (No Deforestation, no Peat, no Exploitation) principles.- Marjan Maes, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Walk the talk
    • 100% traceability to the mill (H1 2023 mill list, H2 2023 mill list) of our palm oil & palm oil derivatives supply.
    • 3rd party satellite monitoring of our palm supply chain via Satelligence.
    • Support palm oil smallholders via field projects.
    • Oleon offers RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) Mass Balance certified products and RSPO Segregated certified products.
    • Oleon offers RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy) Mass Balance certified products.
Oleon's non-animal testing statement

Oleon has made a statement on non-animal testing.

Oleon's Modern Slavery Statement

Oleon has made a statement on Modern Slavery.

Our commitments for the climate

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